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Brand Activist: Superhero of Modern Marketing?

Marketing used to be all about biased sales presentations. Ads that interrupted what we wanted to watch, read, or listen to. Sales people commissioned to hard sell us a well-crafted pitch. Then along came search and social media, and all that changed. Or, is it just more sophisticated digital salesmanship?

What if brands actually listened to us, like trusted friends do? Talked to us, like we’re people, not prospects or “consumers?” What if they told it like it really is, . . .not selling, but helping us make better buying decisions?

Are we just dreaming?  Well, yes, I guess we are. As the saying goes, nothing without first a dream.

We ripped the script and took it all LIVE, nowhere to hide. First, we invented a new life form we call the Brand Activist. Okay, we didn’t actually invent them, we painstakingly “casted” remarkably special, smart and talented people that genuinely lit up at the thought of this crazy Suite dream we had.

Then we created a stage we call LiveLab® for people to experience brands live, first-hand without the hype. From the moment you step into a LiveLab our Brand Activists are there to guide your journey, surprise you, delight you or simply offer you something tasty and get out of your way.

Superheroes? Well, they don’t fly, or leap tall buildings in a single bound. They are trained with the knowledge and blessed with the intuition to help you experience the heart and soul of a brand.

Guy Kawasaki calls it enchantment, which he defines as “surprising acts of hospitality and delight.” He gets it. So did John Nordstrom, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. And so do the thousands of people who have experienced the handful of modern brands who’ve already made LiveLab part of the way they talk with people these days.


  • Tom Wabwire


    Yes here I am. I am joining the brand activist band wagon. How do I get the T shirt.

  • samuel monnie


    Spot on and 'Stay the course' ! Its time to end the one way shout at 'consumers' and move into honest dialogue. This sometimes means that brands have to be humble, human, transparent and do more listening. The activist doesn't work for the brand they 'work' for the consumer.... That's a difficult concept for some marketers to understand. Brand's cannot control the message (despite what they think) ...Psychology/Communication principles 101 will tell you to focus on what the recipient understands - NOT what the sender communicates! I'd add the Kevin Roberts 'Lovemarks' book to the reading list. Its a precursor to the work of Guy Kawaski's........ and a great complement to the brand love movement.

    • Gil


      From what I have heard you have always been a huge champion of the human consumer/brand relationship. You are an inspiration to us all!

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